SMARTS Stompernet

SMARTS Stompernet

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Here's the way the program will work:

Every Monday morning Don will release a set of online videos on our special "members only" website.

Each week we will study thekeys to success in a specific category of social media with a series of different videos, each covering a specific strategy (some might give a big picture strategy, some will be extremely specific).

    Along with the videos will be a set of optional assignments.  I did say "optional"… but Don's going to be encouraging you to complete them while the information is fresh in your brain – that's the way you will get the best results. Of course, we can all get busy at times, so if you just have too much going on… well, we've got your back.

Then midweek, we'll have a conference call where we delve even deeper on that week's topic, and Don will answer your questions. The beauty of these calls is that you learn both from your questions AND the questions from the other coaching students. These calls will be scheduled for 90 minutes, but Don will basically stick around until we're done with all of the questions.

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